Canalily Kemija

Canalily Kemija

Kemija 2 Bed Room Apartment (114 Sqm)
Floor Plan

Layout Keys

A. Living Area
B. Bedroom
C. Bedroom
D. Kitchen
E. Bathroom
F. Dinning
G. Terrace

The two bedrooms apartment come in two different types. Type A (113 sqm) and Type B (108 sqm & 113sqm). Thoughtfully laid out with a spacious living and dining space, with an open kitchen plan that can be walled off if desired. The two bedrooms are en-suite with generous wardrobe space.

All apartments have ultra modern interior design, italian kitchen cabinets, fitted Wardrobes, tiled living/dining/Kitchen and toilet spaces, energy saver lighting fixtures, children's playground, Optional fully furnished apartment with sofas, beds, lamps, rugs, dining sets etc. at a bargain price.