Aihie Villa

A single family residence for a modern working Nigerian family Both matriarch and patriarch live an active lifestyle and entertain at home quite frequently. The family has 4 children Two young adults, both females, and two pre teens, male and female. The family has a close knit larger family as husband and wife have several siblings with which they enjoy close social relationships.

Aihie Villa

The concept is inspired by the Traditional Nigerian living lifestyle. The typical traditional home is characterized by a courtyard which is the central hub of the home where most family activities and interactions take place. All other functional spaces are designed around this courtyard, and accessed from it.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional style, the villa concept is a modern expression of the traditional living arrangement. Most modern layouts are zoned into public and private areas with the latter towards the rear. This layout however, has the public area acting as nucleus where all other living spaces radiate from. The sleeping, eating and guest areas are arranged around the courtyard which serves as the family living area.

The home is designed to be a melting pot for larger family meetings. It is modern, airy, transparent, very secure and very functional for the varied activities that will be carried out there in. There is a strong separation of public and private family functions and strong environmental control of the surroundings to enhance and provide strong support for the family lifestyle.